All needed instruction, video, content, and needed tools are all freely available on the Internet. The only thing is to find a good mentor and start writing. The problem I and many other novice researchers faced was the idea that I am not capable of doing research unless I have all the skills. FALSE. You need to find a good mentor (either a peer mentor or a professor with a smile) and just start finding a subject, writing the proposal, gathering the data, analyzing the data (Big thank to SPSS), and start writing the draft of the manuscript. You will learn everything through the road.

Research Path

Short Answers


Here are the contents I gathered for you. I also established a “Research Path that will help you through every step of your first research. The more advanced answers and instructions are available in “Short, but convenient answers“. Some cool stuff that I learned, and I wished to know of earlier is provided in the “STUFF” section (introduction to biomedical research fields, research centers, and how to find professors, …).