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Breaking Cycle of Hatred
Breaking Cycle of Hatred: Only Way Out
Breaking Cycle of Hatred
Café for Work/Study in Tehran

I haven't been everywhere, but its on my list

Dezful, Iran
Brussels, Belgium
Paris, France
All I got for a 24 day back pack trip in the EU.
With my LIMSC crew at black tie dinner (Yes the one not in the picture and not wearing tie is me, just wanted to prove I will never wear tie)
Baking my own pizza at Nuremberg
With the gang "three musketeers" at Antwerp, Belgium
My engagment ceremony with my best friend, Nilo.

I met almost all the people in these pictures for the first time in that city. And that's the magic of backpacking, sleeping at couches, and wear same cloths.

Strasburg, France
The most luxurious hotel in the world
With dear Dr. Rahnamai'i at RWTH Aachen Hospital.
"Nafas", the first baby I helped to get into this world (the picture is shared with the permission of her parents)
Istanbul, Turkey
Cold to our bones in the camp:)
Dubai, UAE
Bruges, Belgium (The heaven is here perhaps)
2023 New Year
One of the first hospitals in the EU (actually it was a church)
A workshop extracting flower essence such as Rose Water (Kashan, Iran)
Rotterdam Castle, Germany
Guilan, Iran
The one that get on your nerves 🙂
Mazandaran, Iran
Paris, France
Amsterdam, Netherland
The pink lake at Chabahr, Iran
louver museum
My host at Brussels
The background
Couldn't travel during COVID-19 pandemic (I gave too many COVID-19 shifts)
Cheers to those days 🙂
Kashan, Iran
Dusseldorf, Germany