What is "Co-Working Box"?

We will work together in the same physical space. This will facilitate our interaction. Although we will talk for about 40 minutes, we can chat briefly during lunch/snack times. 

How to set "Co-Working Box"?

Ask about the location I work on that day. I usually work at co-working spaces (currently I am working in Majara, Mirdamad Avenu). Then you should buy the ticket for that day (they usually charge your 100T). Then add the google event in the same time you will be there and also add the time that you want us to talk in the title of that event. Don’t forget to add my email so I can have it on my G Calendar. The first time is on me (I will pay the fee to you later on). Also, if you are working for a commercial project, all of our co-working meetings will be on me (but you will book it on your own). Don’t forgot to plan these things 5-6 days earlier.   

About Majara

Majara is located near to Madar Square, Mirdamad Avenu. I really recommend you to leave Majara after 8pm and be there before 1pm, due to the traffic. It has a coffee shop and a lot of facilities are located near to this space (Super Market, Gym, BenIce). To park your care, I embedded the location for you (2nd street is one street above Majara’s lcoation). There are two parking lots in the same street. The one at your right is cheaper (Pasaj Raz) and it has indoor parking spot (~10T/hour), while the one on your left, which you will see it 10 second sooner, is 15T/hour and is outdoor.