The aim of this page is to organize information for machine learning in medicine (MLinMed) research by (1) describing the AIGIP montly videocast, (2) introducing tools for MLinMed research, and (3) listing Youtube channels and websites about MLinMed.

AIGIP videocast is a monthly 40-minute video series hosted on YouTube and LinkedIn, dedicated to summarizing recent articles showcasing the latest advancements in artificial intelligence applied to gastroenterology and pancreatology. Each episode features a deep dive into one selected paper, subject to rigorous code review to ensure AI reproducibility. On our platform, you can also discover more about our dedicated team, any potential conflicts of interest, supplementary information, and our approach to curating and presenting these insightful articles.

Checklist for Reporting MLinMed

Youtube channels, newsletter, and websites for MLinMed

1- Doctor Penguin newsletter: Receive a weekly summary and discussion of the top AI + Healthcare research papers.