I. Why I Started this page and How it may help You

II. A must see introduction to your research pathway: The value of a good mentor and team

III. Should you focus on a specific field ?

IV. Read a good article per day

V. How to search pubmed

1. Title will do 50% of your work

1.1 How to find and evaluate the title

1.2 Should I go for a Review or an Original article

1.3 How to collaborate in teams

2. Writing the research proposal

2.1 Search and select articles

2.2 THE sample size

2.3 Introduction and Method sections are ready

Since the different types of studies need different processes, please choose which type of article are you working on

3. Data Gathering

3.1 Deadly mistakes in data gathering !

3.2 Create an Excel Form - better than papers, safer than google form-