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I was attending my first surgery during my childhood when I was 10 years old. The middle-aged women underwent a mastoidectomy perhaps because of supportive otitis media or cholesteatoma. I was also observed my both grandfathers treating patients and earn love in return. 

My father and both grandfather clinics make a great opportunity to make an early experience to medicine ecosystem. I understood the life of a physician is full of sacrifices since my father did fellowships in 6 countries abroad (Italy, USA, England, Germaney, …) and my grandfather studied head and neck surgery in the Texas Hospital. But what is the most valuable is nothing but a life a patient. 

Finally, I decided to continue the honor of serving people, and took “Konkor”, the university enternace exam, where I ranked 545th (top 0.1%) in the field of natural sciences among 600,000 participants.


I found my passion for solving puzzles during high school, and I got elected to the computer olympiad and earned a chess championship. I graduated from one of the best high schools in Tehran (3.83/4) and took the University entrance exam. I ranked among 0.1% of participants in medical science and started my path in the Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Science, one of the best medical universities in the country.

A 7 year medical curriculum contains 3 years of medical science, 2 years of externship, and 2 years of internship. Although I faced some hardship during my first semesters I found myself and started to found my long-term goal. I experienced working with research teams, attended many surgeries, more than I can count on, and also did some teaching to my peers. Finally, I found what I love the most, the position that can fulfill my satisfaction, Where you can teach, treat, and solve the problems. 


What can be more joyful than finding a solution to a problem? A physician treats the body, and a scientist can treat a problem. I started my first works on data gathering teams and then I loved working with big data. My first code in Python resolved the problem of reading laboratory values. I saved the time of junior researchers and my code read 8.6 million lab values in just an hour. My code is still available in the hospital. I also learned R programming because of my need for time series analysis. Then I found myself in the middle of being a data scientist. I hope one day I can create a data-driven decision-making system for public health policy makers. Here is my published and current research projects:

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