I don't believe in certificates; they are useless in the world that we can learn anything on youtube. Still, the hands-on experience has tons of worth compared to any learning material or certificates. Since these ineffective certificates are currently popular here you can find some of them. However, if I have a certificate of something, does it guarantee that I have that skill?

Diplomas and Certificates

Diploma of Medical Doctorate
Health MBA Diploma
General MBA Diploma from Tehran University
Bronze Medal in National Medical Science Olympiad

Lab Skills

Letter of appreciation

Letter of appreciation for improving medical education as National Secreter of CyberPatients virtual patient platform
Letter of appreciation for imrpoving medical education as think tank member of National Medical Council
Letter of appreciation for improving medical education medical education as a teaching assistant of workshops

Congress and Evenets

Well I love congresses where I can enjoy learning and expanding my network.
True face of congresses :)) LIMSC 2018